LukWerks Spy Camera Transmits Over Electrical Wiring

LukWerks Camera Starter Kit (Image courtesy WiLife)By Andrew Liszewski

For the paranoid crowd who’ve been relying on wireless signal scanners to detect hidden spy cameras I have some bad news for you. The WiLife LukWerks Spy Camera uses something they call HomePlug technology to send the video feed to a computer over power lines instead of a wireless signal.

While the LukWerks cameras do come in versions that actually look like traditional cameras I know the geek crowd demands them to be small and stashed somewhere unsuspecting and in this case a good old alarm clock is used. From what I can tell the camera can be triggered when it detects motion and is actually capable of recording video itself in Windows Media format which it can then send to a PC for watching.

The LukWerks Spy Camera starter kit is available for $329.99 on the manufacturer’s website but two other kits that include traditional camera designs are also available for $299.99 each. You can also buy an extra spy camera alarm clock for $249.99 if you completely mistrust everyone at your office or at home.

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