Lugosi 20 Suicide Bracelet

160 euros will buy you one very disturbing creation from designer Fabian Seibert, of Suelzkotlett. It’s a metal bracelet that has the notable feature of making it somewhat easier to commit suicide, should you suddenly (or not so suddenly) feel the need to do so.

This is how it works. A square piece with a very sharp edge at one end of the bracelet easily breaks off. You take this newly created razorblade and insert it in the strategically placed slit on the underside of the wrist, thus performing your dirty deed.

I’m sure there are a hundred and a half artsy reasons for creating such an object, I’m just too tired to go around hunting for some dude’s intentions. Check out his other somewhat similar work, again, here. Story VIA WMMNA.

6 thoughts on “Lugosi 20 Suicide Bracelet”

  1. There’s not ONE let alone a hunderd and a half artsy reasons for making it. You shouldn’t promote this sort of sh*t on your website especially in light of the suicide bombers in London this month.

    Editor- Perhaps I’ve been misunderstood. I did not promote, I simply reported. And maybe a case could be made about the lack of need for reporting things like this… Yet I’ve never believed that looking the other way made things disappear. This bracelet is being made, by someone, for someone, for better or worse and you found out about it here. If not here, then it would have been somewhere else. Thanks for the input anyhow.

  2. I find it totally irresponsible that you would do what is essentially advertising something designed for self-harm and minimize it’s seriousness. I do not agree (see Editor’s note) that people would come across this elsewhere; even if that were so, that does not in any way justify promoting something like this.

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