Love Hate Punch Changes Colors As You Strike It

By Luke Anderson

I’ve found few ways to relieve stress that feel quite as good as going a few rounds with a  punching bag. After a little while you get into a zone where you forget about all of the troubles of your day, and focus only on the bag. The best part is that it’s a pretty good work out to boot. Sure, most punching bags don’t make good company, but there is at least one that will entertain you as you beat on it.

This Love Hate Punch bag was designed by artist Stefan Gross. It is illuminated with a red light (likely to represent anger or stress) that gradually changes to white (likely representing peace) as you continue to strike it. If you let up too long or slow down, the color will return to its original state. This would actually be a great way to keep your pace during a workout, if only it were available for purchase.

[ Stefan Gross ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

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