Louis Vuitton 4Motion Sunglasses

Louis Vuitton 4Motion Sunglasses

Louis Vuitton 4Motion Sunglasses (Image courtesy Louis Vuitton)
By Andrew Liszewski

You’d think a pair of sunglasses from Louis Vuitton would be nothing more than a unique design with the ‘VL’ logo slapped on the side. But these high-performance sunnies look like they could give Oakleys a run for their money. There are 4 pairs available that each come with brown or yellow lenses for reducing glare/enhancing vision or just protecting your eyes from the elements. But what really sets them apart is their highly-adjustable frames designed to suit “individual morphology” allowing you to adjust the front inclination, temple curvature, height, position of the nose pads and even the length of the arms. The downside though is that since they do bear the ‘VL’ logo you’ll be paying $640 to $720.

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  1. Ouch. That is utterly expensive for a pair of sunglasses. I could buy a nice electronic gadget for that amount. I guess I have to settle down for an ordinary sunglasses than dream of having these.

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