Lost Me Find Me Child Proximity Alarms

Lost Me Find Me Child Proximity Alarms

Lost Me Find Me Child Alarms (Image courtesy I Want One Of Those)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I don’t advocate relying on a piece of technology to ensure your kids don’t wander off when you’re out in public, these Lost Me Find Me Alarms seem like a good idea if junior manages to escape your watchful eye. The transmitter worn by the kid is hidden in a plush tiger or rabbit wristband, while the receiver carried by the parent is small enough to serve as a keychain. The sensitivity can be set between about 3 feet to about 65 feet, and when your child wanders out of that proximity an alarm on the parent’s receiver will sound. But instead of just panicking about the missing child when the alarm goes off, the receiver can be switched into a ‘Locate’ mode that will instead cause the alarm to sound as soon as it gets close to the transmitter. While they’re definitely no replacement for vigilance, at just $37 from I Want One Of Those they might provide some extra peace of mind.

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