LOS! Levitating Lamps (Images courtesy LOS!Concepts)

LOS!Series Levitating Lamps

LOS! Levitating Lamps (Images courtesy LOS!Concepts)
By Andrew Liszewski

We may still be sorely lacking in flying cars and hoverboards here in the 21st century, but I’m pretty sure our 20th century ancestors would be impressed that we’ve managed to harness the power of levitation when it comes to designer lighting! These LOS!Series lamps, creatively named the LOS #1 and LOS #2, use magnetic technology developed by Crealev (Creative Levitation Design) for a unique hovering effect.

Each of the designs use energy-efficient LED lighting and the floaty bits hover about 3-4cm above the base. Personally I prefer the LOS #1 (pictured on the left) since the LOS #2 is a bit too sci-fi for my tastes, but unfortunately it’s currently sold out. However, LOS #2 is still available for ~$1,630 (€1,199) if you want it in white, or ~$1,700 (€1,249) if you prefer black.

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