Loreo 3D Lens In A Cap

Loreo 3D Lens Cap (Images courtesy Loreo Asia)
By Andrew Liszewski

Looking for a simple way to take your photography to the next dimension? It doesn’t get much easier than this special 3D lens from Loreo. While you can go out and buy a dedicated 3D P&S camera, using this lens with your SLR allows you to take advantage of the camera’s advanced functionality to produce some great 3D images. (Note: Upgrading to an SLR does not automatically upgrade your photography skills.)

The 3D ‘cap’ as they refer to it has a matched pair of lenses with a focusing range of one meter to infinity. And the design of the Loreo 3D lens apparently improves on similar beam splitters designed in the 1960s, particularly when it comes to reducing the keystone effect in the 3D images. The lens is compatible with most SLRs and ships with a choice of 7 common mount types for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax K, and Minolta cameras. However it is not compatible with screw type mounts since there’s no way of ensuring an accurate alignment, which is crucial to producing a good 3D effect.

The lens itself is available on the Loreo website and ranges in price from $48 to $117 depending on your type of camera. But if you want to see the 3D effect on your developed shots you’ll also need to pick up one of their viewers which ranges in price from $1.70 for a cheap cardboard version, to $24 for the ‘deluxe’ version.

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