[email protected] Emoticon Keyboard

Look@Me Emoticon Keyboard (Images courtesy designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Earlier in the year, well-known electronics manufacturer Asus actually split into three separate divisions. One of those divisions (now known as Pegatron) has a dedicated design department called PEGA who recently created 8 different interactive concept products under the theme of ‘Between On&Off’. One of those concepts was this [email protected] keyboard for instant messaging which actually only has 40 keys containing various emoticon elements. (Basically an assortment of alphabet and punctuation keys.)

The compact layout and limited number of keys means the [email protected] can be used one-handed, but I’m not exactly sure why someone would want an extra keyboard that only includes emoticon elements. I mean the whole point of the emoticon was to use the standard characters on a regular keyboard to express your feelings. If you wanted to make adding emoticons to a conversation easier, why not just make each key its own emoticon? I realize there are far more than just 40 emoticons to choose from, but that should be more than enough to cover the basics.

[ PEGA Design – [email protected] Emoticon Keyboard ] VIA [ designboom ]

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