Logitech’s ChillStream Will Cool Your Palms

logitech chillstream

By David Ponce

The last time we lived through a 72 hour gaming marathon, a few things happened. The first was our surprise at finding out the chicks weren’t very impressed by our bravery and gaming fortitude… at all! The second was the discovery of very sweaty, very wrinkly palms. While not much could be done to make us seem more interesting to the fairer sex, at least in the context of bragging about long bouts of gaming, news from Logitech will be taking care of the sweaty palm business. The ChillStream gaming controller integrates a very quiet 40 mm fan that circulates up to 3.41 cubic feet of air every minute, which just may be enough to keep those palms dry.

It connects via USB to any XP-enabled PC, and will allegedly work with the (eventually) upcoming Vista. The best part is that the controller will likely be quite cheap, at $40.

[Logitech’s ChillStream] VIA [Xataka]