Logitech Goes Mac with diNovo Edge Mac Edition

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When the diNovo Edge first launched for Windows PCs, I grabbed one up and really liked using it for my day-to-day computer needs. It wasn’t quite up to gaming so I ended up changing between the Edge and my gaming keyboard frequently. After several months that got old and I ended up just leaving my gaming keyboard connected all the time. You gotta have priorities, right?

With all the time I used the Edge, I can say that it was the best general use keyboard that I have owned. Mac users can now enjoy the diNovo Edge as well with Logitech’s new diNovo Edge Mac Edition. The Mac version of the Edge shares the same looks and design of the original Edge. You get the thin 0.5-inch profile, black semi-translucent Plexiglas frame, and orange backlighting.

The Mac version gets some buttons specifically for Mac applications like one-touch access to Mail, Safari, and iTunes along with one-touch access to many other Mac-specific applications. The keyboard also has a power button that will turn the Mac on and off. The TouchDisc can control the mouse pointer on the Mac. The Edge keys have 3.2mm of travel and wireless range is up to 30-feet. The rechargeable battery can run the Edge all day on a ten-minute charge. The Edge Mac Edition will be available this month for $159.99.

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