Logitech Announces Wireless Drum Controller For Xbox 360


By Chris Scott Barr

What’s this, more stuff from E3? Yes, yes, embargos really are no fun. I assure you that this is the last of my coverage from this year’s show (at least I think it is). This time around we’ve got a Wireless Drum Controller for the Xbox 360 from Logitech. Like the guitar they announced not long ago, this is not a simple replacement controller, but a ‘premium’ upgrade.

This kit is a bit reminiscent of the Ion kit that I currently use, with some very noticeable differences. First, it’s not as complicated to setup. Logitech specifically designed it to be something that you can just pull out of the box and setup in a few minutes. I remember spending a good hour assembling my Ion kit. It was a nightmare.

Another improvement comes in the way of the drum pads themselves. Things were pretty loud at the show, so I can’t vouch too well for how much quieter the pads are. However, the rims of the pads are recessed, which makes it much harder to do an accidental rimshot. This alone will make playing much quieter. The fact that it is wireless is definitely an improvement. I hate wires, and having to wind up that stupid USB cable after every session is rather annoying. Sure, the kit is stationary while you’re playing it, but it still gets on my nerves when moving it.

The stainless steel pedal does have an adjustable spring, so as to customize your experience. I’m not sure what kind of grips the pedal has, as the one at E3 wasn’t the final design. Hopefully it will have some sort of Velcro or other gripping device, as sliding drum pedals are no fun. I’ll update this when I have more information on that particular feature. Look for these to go on sale next month for $229.99.

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