Logitech Announces Two New Mice Featuring Darkfield Technology


By Chris Scott Barr

I’m sure that everyone remembers when optical mice first broke onto the scene. Finally the days of cleaning those stupid ball mice were over. Of course there is one place that those old mice can go that no optical or laser mouse can work. That would be reflective surfaces. Even the most high-tech laser mouse is defeated by the surface of a glass desk. At least that was the case until Logitech announced their new Darkfield technology.

You have to admit, Darkfield technology sounds like something really awesome, especially when you note that it works with lasers. Well this isn’t some strange weapon developed by a secret government group. Rather, it allows Logitech’s new mice to work properly on any reflective surface (minimum 4mm thick). Finally, those using a glass desk can ditch their mouse pad. The technology will first be seen in their Performance Mouse MX, and its smaller brother the Anywhere Mouse MX. Look for reviews of both in the very near future right here on OhGizmo.

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