Logitech Announces AudioHub for Notebooks

Logitech AudioHub for Notebooks (Image via Logitech)
By Shane McGlaun

Logitech announced a new product today called the AudioHub that combines two things that most notebook users will need like a USB hub and a set of decent speakers. The system uses a three-chamber speaker system that has an integrated subwoofer.

The AudioHub draws power for the speakers, the built-in three port USB hub and gets sounds from your PC from one single USB connection. This also means that disconnecting the AudioHub to take your notebook on the road requires only one plug to be undone.

The device is designed so that the speakers are width adjustable allowing you to position them to the sides of your notebook, rather than behind it for better sound quality. On the rear of the device is a cable organizer to help keep things tidy. Logitech says the AudioHub will be available in October for $99.99.

VIA [ Logitech ]