Logitec To Release Desktop Line With Easily Swappable Drives


By David Ponce

The LC-74T is just one of a new line of desktop PCs from Logitec (not Logitech), whose main claim to fame is that they make removal of the hard drives painfully easy. Sure that’s pretty badass as it is when the thing’s sitting on your desktop; you can impress your friends by swapping hard drives around and such. But this desktop is more likely aimed at corporate users who wish to reduce their employees’ downtime should any one drive experience explosive (or not) failure. If you’re a network administrator with a couple hundred machines under your watch, you’re sure to appreciate the usefulness of such a system.

There are several different models with configurations that include a P4, Celeron, Core Solo, Core Duo or Core 2 Duo CPU, and each seems to sport two 3.5 inch SATA drives. No word on pricing, though availability is likely limited to Japan.

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