Logic Bolt Projector Phone Redesigned As Smartphone, For Sale Unlocked On Skymall

PhoneImage_MenuScreenBy Evan Ackerman

Logic Wireless’ Bolt projector phone, which we were first introduced to at CES last year, has gotten an update to version 1.5. Not that version 1.0 ever seemed to really get to market, but still… We heard rumors of this update at CES that mentioned a smaller prototype, as version 1.0 of the Bolt was pretty darn chunky, and this new model has definitely slimmed down, among other improvements. The flagship feature of the Bolt is, of course, the integrated projector, which is capable of throwing a VGA (640 x 480) image up to 64 inches wide. Otherwise, you’re getting a smartphone that runs Symbian, has a touchscreen, two cameras (one on the front and one on the back), and slots for two SIM cards. Oh, and there’s no 3G.

It’s certainly a strange set of features, which makes it entirely appropriate that the Logic Bolt 1.5 is currently for sale through Skymall (!) and not T-Mobile as we heard was likely to be the case. It’s $500 unlocked, which pretty much restricts interest in this thing to people who for whatever reason find that they absolutely need a phone that can do all of the weird things that the Logic Bolt can.

We’ll get a look at it in person at CES in a week or so (!!!), and hopefully we’ll be able to tell you whether there’s the remotest chance that it’s worth half a grand.

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