Locksit – A Unique Idea For Bike Security

Locksit Bicycle Lock (Images courtesy Yanko Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

To some people riding a bike is nothing more than just a recreational thing but to others it’s their primary means of transportation so making sure it doesn’t get stolen is kind of important. I can only assume designer Jack Godfrey Wood was tired of carrying around his bicycle seat all day so he came up with the Locksit which actually uses the seat as an effective locking device.

Here’s how the Locksit works. When you get to where you’re going you simply push a couple of pins on the seatpost which allows the seat itself to pivot backwards towards the bike’s back wheel. A U-bar on the back of the seat can then be unlocked and placed around the back tire which secures both the seat and back wheel at the same time. Unfortunately you’ll still need to carry a separate lock to secure the bike itself and the front tire to something sturdy but you’ll no longer have the hassle of hauling around your bike seat all day.

[ Locksit Bicycle Security @ Yanko Design ]

4 thoughts on “Locksit – A Unique Idea For Bike Security”

  1. I think this is actually very effective. Who would carry around a bike in that state: it is rendered unappealing. You wouldn’t need another lock. The only potential problem is the weakness that is created in the seat shaft.

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