Lockface USB Key With Facial Recognition


By Evan Ackerman

This happy (or is it hungry?) little 4 gig USB flash drive comes bundled with 256-bit AES encryption, and a slick little piece of built-in software that takes over your computer’s webcam when you plug the drive in and checks out your face to make sure that you’re not ugly really you. The setup is simple; all you need to do is take a couple pictures of yourself to familiarize the drive with what you look like, and after that, authentication (which claims to be 98% accurate) takes only about a second. That 2% error, by the way, means that 2% of the time it won’t let you in, and 2% of the time it would let someone ELSE in.

And what happens if you get stung in the face by a swarm of bees or you’re attending a sci-fi convention dressed as a Narn (because come on, everybody goes as Klingons) and need to access the Narn/Klingon translation dictionary stored on your Lockface USB key? Don’t worry, you can also get into it the old fashioned way, with a password.

Which kinda renders the whole facial recognition thing useless as a security measure.

But still, it’s cool. The Lockface USB flash drive is available for $110, so far only in Japan.

VIA [ CrunchGear ]

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