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Lock-Pickin' Business Card

Lockpick Business Card (Images courtesy Jeni Mattson)
By Andrew Liszewski

I used to attend a lot of trade shows and on the last day before I checked out of my hotel room I always made sure to chuck all the business cards I had collected because quite frankly it was one less thing I had to deal with when I got back to the office. However I can guarantee I would have never thrown out a card like this.

Designed by Jeni Mattson this business card was created for someone named Melvin who is apparently known as a "hacker" and "all around mischief maker." ...Right. Well apparently he wanted something to give to friends and clients that best represented his line of work so the lockpick concept was chosen. Besides being just plain cool the various tools can also be removed from the card and used for all your breaking & entering needs.

While I have no idea what the per unit cost for something like this would be, there's no doubt it would make quite an impression on people.

[Lock-Pickin' Business Card] VIA [Tech Digest]

18 comments on “Lock-Pickin' Business Card”

  1. Kevin Mitnick was handing these out after a presentation he gave and I have to admit that they are pretty cool. What really trips me out is the breakaway tabs holding the picks in place; this card is made to be converted into a functional set of picks.

  2. Too bad carrying this card can get you arrested for possession of burglary tools if your not a locksmith or similar by trade. Otherwise, cool gadget!

    What would be really cool would be a set that are setup like Victorinox(sp?) had in a business card container. Had a knife, scissors, tweezers, file/screwdriver, pen and toothpick that all slid out the sides of a 1/8" thick card that fit in your wallet. First time you would ever need to use these (to get into your own house you locked yourself out of, of course), you loose the handy carrier...

  3. that would neat to hand out at a locksmith trade show/convention, but not effective as a business tool otherwise. The concept of a business card is to generate business, not give it away for free.

  4. ¨Too bad carrying this card can get you arrested for possession of burglary tools if your not a locksmith or similar by trade. Otherwise, cool gadget!¨


  5. That is total B.S. The cards were created for Kevin Mitnick who is an actual locksmith. You can send him a self-addressed stamp envelope and he will send you one. Melvin is clearly just a photo-shop person who added his info to one of the hundreds of Mitnick cards on the internet.

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