LivesOn Keeps Your Twitter Feed Alive, Even When You’re Dead

Lives On

There’s a special group of Internet users that I call the Tweet Freaks. They’re the people who can’t go an hour without checking their Twitter feedsĀ or posting updates about mundane stuff that no one else would really care about. If you have people in your network who’re like that, then you might want to tell them about _LIVESON. If you’re a Tweet Freak yourself, then I’m sure you’d love to heard about this as well. But just to make it less painful for everyone’s eyes, let’s call it LivesOn.

LivesOn is a Twitter tool like no other, promising to give you a ‘social afterlife’ once you pass in the physical world. It will ‘learn’ your tastes, preferences, and syntax by analyzing your current feed, so that it can continue posting status updates on the micro-blogging site even when you’re already dead. In short, LivesOn allows you to tweet from the grave, unless the person you appoint as your executor decides to give it the ax.

The service launches on March 2013.

VIA [ Cnet ]