Livescribe Sticky Notes (Image courtesy Livescribe)

Livescribe Sticky Notes

Livescribe Sticky Notes (Image courtesy Livescribe)
By Andrew Liszewski

Smartpens like the Livescribe have gained a lot of extra functionality over the past few years, but their core duty, the ability to digitally record and store hand-written notes, is still their greatest strength. And these official Livescribe sticky notes are the best use of the technology I’ve seen to date.

Sticky notes tend to be the catch-all for random notes or information, and even though they can be ‘stuck’ they still have a tendency to go missing. And when they do, knowing that a digital copy is stashed away safely in your pen will save you from having to frantically search for that important phone number. As an added bonus, you can add audio notes to them as well, making them a handy way to add literal comments to a document. $12.95 available directly from Livescribe.

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