“Little Printer” Spews Ticker-Style Strip Of Digital Feeds

By David Ponce

We can’t help but feel a little sad about the dead tree business, well, dying. While it’s of course for the best, there’s something comfortable about holding a little piece of paper in your hands. “Paper is like a screen that never turns off. You can stick to the fridge or tuck it in your wallet. You can scribble on it or tear it and give it to a friend.” And in fact, it’s still more useful when you want to complete puzzles, like Sudoku. So a company called BERG is launching the Little Printer. It’s a web connected box that prints on a roll of thermographic paper, like store receipts. You set up what feeds it reads through an iPhone or Android app, and right on time the Little Printer will have your little ticker of info. Launch partners are Arup, foursquare, Google, the Guardian, and Nike, with more on the way.

There’s no price at the moment, but the Little Printer should be available in 2012.

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