Little Lamp Comes Complete With A Little Shade And A Little Pullchain

Little Lamp (Image courtesy the MoMA Store)By Andrew Liszewski

Urban living is just another way to say you live in a small, cramped apartment in a big city. But if you furnish your pad correctly, you can actually make it seem a lot bigger than it really is. The Little Lamp designed by Sam Hurt and Jude Biddulph looks like a classic table lamp and comes complete with a clip-on shade and a pull-chain to turn it on or off. But the base of the lamp is actually a single D-cell battery, which of course also powers the LED bulb.

So not only is it saving you precious space, but it also won’t add anything to your monthly power bill. Just couple this with a 2-inch Sony Watchman TV in the living room, and an Easy Bake Oven in the kitchen and I guarantee your small apartment will seem like a spacious penthouse. (Note: Guarantee not guaranteed.)

You can find the Little Lamp at the MoMA Store for $19.95, and the LED bulb and battery are included.

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