LitraCube Semi-Transparent Concrete Lamp

LitraCube Semi-Transparent Concrete Lamp


By Evan Ackerman

The LitraCube lamp is made of four concrete blocks with a lightbulb in the middle. Not the greatest idea for a lamp, you might be thinking… But that’s because you’ve never seen semi-transparent concrete blocks before. Litracon (light transmitting concrete) is normal concrete with thousands of parallel optical fibers embedded into it. The strength of the concrete is unaffected, and the fibers pass light and color straight through the blocks. So, now you can build your very own glass house and throw all the stones you want.


Litracon itself is available as a conventional building material in a variety of colors and fiber patterns (like the layered and organic examples above). Unsurprisingly, the price of this stuff is not for the faint of heart: the cheapest it gets (25mm thick unsealed) will run you $1,000 per square meter… But you can buy the lamp for only $770. Plus shipping from Hungary.

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