Liquor Lock Keeps The Young Ones Out Of Your Drinks

Liquor Lock

By Luke Anderson

I’m not a parent, nor am I much of a drinker. However, I know the curiosities that children get when they see their parents drink. At some time or another they wonder what it tastes like, and some will attempt to find and drink their parents’ alcohol. There’s really not a good way to keep your liquor out of the hands of kids, as they can almost always find your secret hiding spots. That’s why if you’re worried, you might want to pick up a Liquor Lock.

The Liquor Lock sits atop your favorite bottle and uses a three-pin combination lock to keep out would-be drinkers. Sure, if your kid has enough time on their hands, they can probably crack the code. However, if they’re anything like me, they have a short attention span and will quickly lose interest in getting into the alcohol. You can pick one up for $14.95, or get three or more for $13.50 each.

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  1. Yes, they could. They couldn’t, however, get the device back into the bottle once “sprung” without the combination. It doesn’t keep people out so much as indicate if they’ve opened or tampered with the bottle.

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