Lipstick Shaped Flash Drive

By David Ponce

It seems some people think that if you make a gadget in the shape of a lipstick, women will flock and purchase. First, there was the lipstick shaped MP3. And now, we have a 128Mb USB2.0 flash drive that works with Macs, Windows and Linux.

Yeah. Buy it here. It’s 11£, which is about 20 delicious American pies. Story VIA Shiny Shiny.

5 thoughts on “Lipstick Shaped Flash Drive”

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  2. So what, they make something in pink and say it’s shaped like a lipstick and BAM! it’s for the ladies? Are we that stupid?

    What’s worst is…I want one! If only it was more than 128mb and came in Estee Lauder’s Mauve On…

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