Limoseen – The Electronic Meet & Greet Board

Limoseen (Image courtesy Limoseen Ltd.)By Andrew Liszewski

Like me, some of you will probably see the name ‘Limoseen’ and mistake it with the fictional 80’s hair band ‘Limozeen’ made famous in a Strong Bad cartoon. Be aware though using the letter ‘s’ instead of ‘z’ in the spelling makes a world of difference.

The Limoseen is an electronic hand-held pixel board that can be programmed to pretty much show any text but is intended to display the names of celebrities or other important types so they know what limousine to climb into. I guess at one point some enterprising driver decided the torn-up cardboard pizza box with the celebrity’s name scribbled across it in black sharpie just wasn’t good enough and so the Limoseen was born.

The Limoseen display comes with an in-car charger, a window cradle and a custom logo which replaces the ‘Limoseen’ logo seen in that product shot for $199.

[ Limoseen ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

(On a side note, is it just me or does the Limoseen website remind any one else of an infamous online joke? I mean step back and really take a look at the site and you should see what I mean…)

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  1. Lol… well, uh, just Google “goatse”… and you should be on your way to understanding. It’s a net geek thing… which we all are. 😉

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