Limited Edition Marc Ecko Boba Fett Hoodie

Marc Ecko Boba Fett Hoodie (Image courtesy Lucasfilm)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll be quite honest that normally I wouldn’t be that interested in something designed by Marc Ecko. It has nothing to do with his skills as a designer, I just don’t think I fit his target demographic. But the Star Wars geek in me can’t help but get excited by this really cool looking Boba Fett hoodie from an upcoming Ecko Star Wars clothing collection. Apparently Marc Ecko himself is quite the Star Wars fanboy and was particularly excited at the chance to create these designs.

“So when the opportunity to create this collection arose, I jumped on it like Boba on his bounty. Our mission was to dig into Lucasfilm’s archives and emerge with a line that takes its cues from popular culture and adds the rich visual language that made Star Wars the most relevant fable of the last 100 years.”

There’s no word on pricing yet but when you combine the phrases ‘limited edition’ with ‘Star Wars‘ you’re pretty much guaranteed they’ll be flying off the shelves no matter what they cost.

[ Marc Ecko’s Boba Fett Hoodie ] VIA [ Boing Boing ]

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  1. why is it that on marc ecko’s site it’s impossible to find anything.

    and if anyone finds any information about how to purchase this or where to get it contact me please at [email protected] ( its actually spelled ghiiiiesuit but two uppercase i’s

  2. OMG!,how and where can i purchase this hoodie,i like the style with so much eager to buy for me,for my daughters and sons,please let me know,wishing there are stocks in the nearby department store.

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