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Lil Big Rig Conversion Turns Your Pickup Into A Mini Optimus Prime (The Fake Movie One Though)

Lil Big Rig Conversion (Images courtesy Lil Big Rig
By Andrew Liszewski

How many times have you sat in traffic in your (relatively) tiny pickup truck and gazed in envy at the massive 18-wheelers hauling who knows what to who knows where? Well while you probably won’t be using it to haul trailers across the country, a Nashville-based company called Lil Big Rig will sell you a $12,950 conversion kit allowing you to turn your late-80’s to early 1998 2WD Ford F-250 into a miniature Peterbilt cab. Affectionately known as the Lil Pete.

But if your loyalties lie with another truck manufacturer, like say Kenworth, then you’re in luck because the company also makes the Lil Kenny conversion kit for the same price. It’s compatible with long bed full size Chevy pickups from 1973 to 1987 or a 2WD Dodge 1500/2500 from 1994 to 2003. The kits even include interior components like a more industrial looking replacement dashboard and a sleeper compartment, and installation requires no welding at all, just basic hand tools like a drill, grinder and various wrenches etc.

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