Lightstarter Flashlight (Images courtesy Simple Artifact)

Lightstarter Flashlight Will Test Your Fire Making Skills

Lightstarter Flashlight (Images courtesy Simple Artifact)
By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of turning a crank or awkwardly shaking it to squeeze a few minutes of illumination out of it, the Lightstarter flashlight takes the Survivorman approach by having you rub it between your hands as if you were starting a fire with a stick. Of course we all know that starting a fire in the wild isn’t quite that easy, but it’s a nice throwback to times when fire was really are our only artificial source of light. And like other dynamo powered flashlights the Lightstarter will run longer the more effort you put into it. Three seconds of rubbing gives you about thirty seconds of illumination, while a full minute rewards you with up to ten minutes of light.

Unfortunately at the moment the Lightstarter is just a concept waiting for partnership or purchase, so you’ll probably be better off actually finding a pair of sticks and starting a fire yourself than waiting for this to go into production.

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1 thought on “Lightstarter Flashlight Will Test Your Fire Making Skills”

  1.  “…Times when fire was really ARE only artificial source of light…”?  
    Really, ARE?  Sure you didn’t mean OUR?
    And how is fire an “Artificial source of light”?

     Pun intended.

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