Lightsaber Bookends Are Perfect For Any Star Wars Fan


By Chris Scott Barr

Do you have a row of books that don’t want to stay up on their own? Sounds like you need to pick up a set of bookends. Now you could get a pair of boring bookend, which would do the job. But why not get some that say “look at me, I’m a huge Star Wars geek”? That’s right, you need something that will let everyone know exactly where you stand in the Star Trek vs Star Wars debate.

These spiffy bookends depict a lightsaber impaling your collection of literary works. The blade will even glow, thanks to a battery-operated light in each end. These start shipping out on Wednesday for $50 a pair.

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5 thoughts on “Lightsaber Bookends Are Perfect For Any Star Wars Fan”

  1. At first I thought this was a curling iron or an electric screwdriver (both of which in light saber “trim” would make a much better geek gizmo, come to think of it). The cheesy looking molten cheese that it pokes through doesn't add to the illusion either.

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