LightInSight (Image courtesy LightInSight)By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s yet another simple idea that will probably end up benefitting a lot of people. In many cities street lights are suspended by cables over the intersections which means some drivers can’t easily see the lights when stopped at the line. This can especially be a problem for taller drivers and those with smaller cars.

The LightInSight is a thin plastic fresnel lens that self-adheres to the top of the windshield and basically allows the driver to easily see a streetlight that would not normally be in their field of view. The image there really doesn’t give a good idea of how well the LightInSight works but it’s apparently already become quite popular in the MINI Cooper community.

The LightInSight is available on their website for $12.50.

[LightInSight] VIA [Kevin Kelly Cool Tools]

7 thoughts on “LightInSight”

  1. I bought a circular version of one of these at least 15 years ago while on a trip to the UK.
    Since then though, all traffic lights have been moved to the far side of the intersections to avoid this problem (at least in my part of Canada).

  2. As a MINI Cooper driver, and a former Jeep Wrangler driver, both cars with very vertical windshields, this has been a neck-saver at many intersections (yes, in the US, specifically the NY-Metro area). Many fellow MINI drivers all swear by this $12 little add-on!

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