Lightguns Tee – Always At The Ready

Lightguns Tee (Images courtesy Cuppa-t-shirts)
By Andrew Liszewski

When it comes to gaming attire it’s the subtle designs I appreciate the most. Walking around with Mario or the tri-force emblazoned across your chest certainly shows you care about your favorite game, but it also pushes you closer to crossing that dangerous line of fanboyism. And who wants that? So if lightgun shoot-em-ups happen to have occupied most of your time at the local arcade when you were longer, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this tee design from Cuppa-T-Shirts. It features a couple of brightly colored plastic gats on either side of your person that appear to be tucked into your pants. Perfect for cosplaying Lethal Enforcers or even Duck Hunt. Well perfect were it not for the ~$47 (59 NZD) price tag.

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