Light-Up Singing Elvis Sign

Light-Up Singing Elvis Sign (Image courtesy What on Earth)
By Andrew Liszewski

This Light-Up Singing Elvis sign sitting on your desk probably won’t revitalize your career like it did for Elvis at his 1968 Comeback Special. But it will literally be a shining example that you’re still a fan of the King, long after his passing. It’s only about 9 inches wide but when you plug it in it will glow with all the class and impeccable taste Elvis was known for. In terms of controls there’s a 3-way on/off/flashing switch for turning it on, and a button that will play Don’t Be Cruel sung by none other than Elvis himself.

You can get it from What on Earth for $54.95. Kind of expensive, but far cheaper than a trip to Graceland if you need your Elvis fix.

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