Light Sensitive Sound Boxes Designed To Annoy

Light Sensitive Sound Boxes (Image courtesy Crazy About Gadgets)
By Andrew Liszewski

You can never have too many devices designed to bother and annoy friends, roommates or co-workers. So joining the ranks of the Annoy-A-Tron and the Wrong Number Generator are these Light Sensitive Sound Boxes. As long as some amount of light reaches the built-in light sensor, they won’t make a sound. But stick them in a drawer, or shut the lights off in a room and they’ll produce a barking dog or dripping tap sound effect.

I’d wager that the dripping tap version is probably the more realistic option if you’re actually trying to fool someone, since hearing a tinny reproduction of a dog bark coming from drawer or under a table is probably not going to fool anyone. And even then, the person would have to be particularly gullible to fall for the dripping tap prank version. But, it’s always worth a shot if there’s the chance of making someone extremely angry.

They’re both available from Crazy About Gadgets for about $10 each.

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