Lifesaver Bottle Gets You Water, Water Anywhere


By Evan Ackerman

People tell me that water is important. I wouldn’t know, ’cause I only drink chocolate milk, but I guess maybe if you’re out in the wilderness without any cows or chocolate factories you could use some way of finding potable H2O. There are lots of ways to purify water, but the Lifesaver Bottle is pretty much the simplest and most reliable that I’ve seen short of the hydrologic cycle. Using 15 nanometer ultra filtration membranes, the Lifesaver removes 99.999% of viruses and 99.999995% of just about everything else including bacteria, fungi, and trout. An activated carbon filter takes care of icky tastes, too.

The whole filtration system is integrated directly into the bottle. All you have to do is unscrew the bottom of the bottle, fill it with water from just about anywhere, screw the bottom back on, and use the pump built in to the bottom cap to filter the water into a reservoir. You can easily filter about 750mL per minute, and the filters themselves are good for up to 6000 liters, or over eight years of clean water if you drink the recommended 2 liters per day. A lot of work was put into designing a compact, long lasting, and reliable source of drinkable water, and this is reflected in the price of about $400 (for a 4000 liter version). Yeah, it’s a lot, but that works out to what, 10 cents a liter for clean water anywhere? Not a bad deal, I’d say.

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