Life-Sized Iron Man Figure Will Set You Back $8,500


How tall is Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit? No idea, but I do know how tall a life-sized figure of his suit is: over 7 feet. Okay, so that’s more of an approximation, but still. This reproduction of the Iron Man Mark 42 suit that you’ll see on Iron Man 3 should stand tall and proud wherever you decide to put it and it should, because it’ll cost you $8,500.

The massive life-size Iron Man figure by Sideshow Collectibles is painted with high-gloss automotive paint to give it that distinctive shine. That’s not the only thing that’ll shine, because the figure has LED light-up eyes installed as well. It will also come complete with arc reactor palms and a display base.

You have to be more than sure if you want to get one, because you’ll have to pay a non-refundable deposit of $1,700 upfront when ordering.

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