License Plate LED Message Frame

License Plate Flash Frame (Image courtesy Perpetual Kid)By Andrew Liszewski

In the 80s those neon-light license plate frames were all the rage but as we now find ourselves in the 21st century plain old neon just doesn’t cut it anymore. Enter the License Plate Flash Frame which uses super-bright LEDs (visible in the day or night) to scroll user-programmable messages.

Using the wireless remote control you can enter up to 5 different messages, each up to 120 characters in length and I assume the remote can also trigger the different messages as applicable. Of course it’s recommended to program messages that promote your favorite sports team or advertise a business but I suspect people will find other more creative expressions to use on the road.

The License Plate Flash Frame is available from Perpetual Kid for $49.99.

[License Plate Flash Frame]

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  2. Hmm, How easy would it be to buy this for the remote and hack it to change the led display on the car in front of you to read “IDIOT ON BOARD”? It would be so worth the money. 😉

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