LG Space Saving Microwave & Toaster In One

LG LTM9000 Microwave & Toaster (Images courtesy LG)
By Andrew Liszewski

I guess there must be a lot of us living in less than spacious apartments since manufacturers seem to go out of their way to design products specifically tailored for our compact needs. This microwave from LG for example incorporates a toaster to help cut down on the number of appliances sitting on your counter.

The 2-slice toaster is actually mounted vertically on one side of the oven meaning you have to slide your toast into the slots rather than dropping them in. But I assume it works just as well as a conventionally designed toaster. The microwave is rated at 900 Watts with 10 different power levels while the toaster is rated at 800 Watts with only 9 different “browning” levels. All LG needs to do is slap a coffee maker on the other side and a griddle on top and you’d be pretty much all set.

The LG LTM9000 Microwave & Toaster is available online for about $149.

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