LG LCD Feat. Cirque Du Soleil

xcanvas quidam by lg

By David Ponce

Partnerships in technology are a little like partnerships in rap songs: they just happen, and they don’t always make sense. With that in mind, we should just take it in stride that LG is releasing a new LCD screen that is inspired and named after a Cirque Du Soleil show. It’s called “XCanvas Quidam” and the TV comes in six different sizes. LG chose the name to represent the television’s blend of technology and art. Whether or not that makes an ounce of difference to the end user is probably beside the point here.

Aside from being a little overpriced (32-inch ($1,600) and 42-inch ($3,300)), the TVs do offer auto-adjusting brightness, which can be a nice feature for those of us too lazy to fiddle with image controls.

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