LG is Making A Phone That Repels Mosquitos

LG has announced a new smartphone called the LG K7i with a bit of an odd feature, it claims to repel mosquitos using ultrasonic waves. The feature seeks to boost the phone’s reputation in the target market of India where Dengue Fever and Malraia are common concerns for citizens where LG already makes several other ultrasonic emitting products claiming to repel mosquitos, including air conditioners.

Now, I say it claims to repel mosquitos because there are many scientists who will tell you that ultrasonic waves do nothing to repel mosquitoes and are simply marketing buzz words. Texas A&M University entomology professor Dr. Roger Gold has spent years running studies showing the ineffectiveness of ultrasonic waves, but says that despite being ineffective, the tech has served as an incredible tool for marketing.

Aside from the ultrasonic waves, the phone has pretty low-end specs, sporting an 8MP rear camera and a 1.1Ghz quad-core processor, but is priced at only 7990 Rupees (~$122). If you’re interested in what are the most effective ways to repel mosquitos, New Mexico University did a study showing the effectiveness of mosquito repellents. TLDR: bracelets, ultrasonics, and herbals do nothing, sprays with DEET were by far most effective.

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