LG House Malibu is a Geeks Dream Home

LG House Malibu (Image via LG)
by Shane McGlaun

LG electronics has taken an already cool beach house in Malibu, California and turned it into a geeks dream home. In addition to being right on the beach, this pad is packed with the latest electronics and appliances from LG and at 3,500 square feet, there is lots of stuff in this place.

Starting off is a giant 71” LG plasma HDTV connected to one of LG’s dual format HD DVD “Super Blu” players. To allow guests to keep in touch with pals not cool enough to stay in the LG dream home LG provides the new enV Orange phone and the LG VX9400 phone.

In other areas of the house are six additional LG LCD HDTV sets sized from 20” to 47” each paired with LG home theater systems and LG Super Blu players. LG gear even extends to the kitchen with an LG HDTV refrigerator that has a 15” HDTV in the door. Other LG appliances include a LG gas range, French door refrigerator, and dishwasher.

Unfortunately for us normal geeks, the house seems to be used by LG solely for celebrities. Parties for Chris Brown, Nick Cannon and Emmy Rossum have already been held there. Universal Media Studios used the LG House for a party for the cast of Emmy nominated shows like Heroes, House and The Office.

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2 thoughts on “LG House Malibu is a Geeks Dream Home”

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  2. I can imagine my geeky friends taking a vacation in one of these places. They're absolutely mad about technology. I'm more interested in the moving boxes they used to bring all these cool things to the Malibu house. They must be huge. Just imagine a box that contains a 71” plasma TV. Still, it's an amazing initiative and LG probably hopes to advertise their products by doing this. Whatever their reason is, I hope they'll make a contest and have a few lucky customers that will be able to take a few days off and enjoy the Malibu-LG life.

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