LEXON Sliding ‘Jet Calculator’

LEXON Sliding 'Jet Calculator' (Images courtesy AVING.net)
By Andrew Liszewski

I was under the impression the world no longer needed basic, stand-alone calculators but it seems I was gravely mistaken. This ‘Jet Calculator’ from LEXON is clearly made to appeal to the design-minded consumer who also doesn’t have access to a cellphone, PDA, computer or mathematically-gifted idiot-savant. Made from aluminum alloy (and boring plastic keys with a crappy ‘LCD’ font) the calculator comes in a silver or gold finish and features a pretty useless sliding screen design.

Both the silver and gold models will be available in Korea in April for about $42 and $53 respectively.

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1 thought on “LEXON Sliding ‘Jet Calculator’”

  1. “or mathematically-gifted idiot-savant”

    *chortle* Well, I *had* one of those, but he was very difficult to fit in my shirt pocket.

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