Let’s… Cancel Google, Shall We?

cancel google

By David Ponce

Here’s a little bit of geek fun. If you Google the term “Cancel Google”, the first result brings you to the page of Kevin Cheng, and Tom Chi. The website is called “OK/Cancel”, and on September 26th, 2004, Kevin wrote a post titled “Google Answers HCI PhD Program”. And just like that, their site has become the #1 destination of morons worldwide who’d like to cancel The Google.

They’re leaving comments by the droves, asking to… well, cancel Google. Damn, people are stupid! It’s a wonder they managed not to confuse their PC mouse with the foot pedal of their grandma’s sewing machine. Here’s a sampler:


– “Google is stopping me from shopping at my oLancome site with your pop up blocker.!! Would you quit it!!!”

– “Google is the front door of my conscience. I am regretting the Google. Am Google me it? For wanting no Google, simply Google “no Google”.”

And it just goes on, and on. Keving initially deleted the comments, but later decided to leave them. They’re damn funny, that’s why.

Check it out.

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