Lervik Design Light Tree

Lervik Design Light Tree

Light Tree (Images courtesy Lervik Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

This Light Tree from Lervik Design seems to date back a couple of years now, but it’s new to me, and I can only assume others as well. The trees are actually constructed from a metal frame and each one is covered in over 2,000 meters of fiber optics. That equals about 1.2 miles of illuminated cable which makes the trees glow bright enough to be used as street lights. The use of fiber optics also means the light comes from a single source, so making the tree change colors is as easy as using a colored filter.

The Light Trees are available in different sizes ranging from about 60 inches up to 157 inches tall, and are safe for use either indoors or outside. Over the years they’ve been installed in high-end boutiques around the world, have toured with various design exhibits and can even be found at the prestigious Nasjonalmusem in Oslo, Norway. Needless to say if you have to ask about the price, they’re probably not in your budget.

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