Lenspen Adds The SensorKlear Loupe To Its Sensor Cleaning Arsenal

SensorKlear Loupe (Image courtesy CNET News)By Andrew Liszewski

The best reason for buying a DSLR from a reputable camera store is that there’s a good chance they offer a sensor cleaning service, done by someone who knows what they’re doing. Of course cleaning the sensor yourself is always an option, particularly if you’re swapping lenses on a daily basis, but it can be a bit of a nerve-wracking experience. So it’s best to make sure you have the right tools before you give it a shot.

The SensorKlear Loupe, from the people who brought you the Lenspen, works like a miniature microscope when mounted to your camera, allowing you to see the illuminated sensor surface magnified 6x so you can make sure you’ve removed every last piece of dust. It also has a convenient access hole on the side allowing you to use it conjunction with a Lenspen, or even sensor cleaning swabs, whichever you prefer.

The SensorKlear Loupe sells for $79.95 and comes with a SensorKlear II which is basically one of the company’s Lenspens with an articulated head. And if you consider that a professional sensor cleaning might run you $20-$40, it could be worth it in the long run.

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