Lens/Focus Shifter Accessory Is Inexpensive Follow Focus

By David Ponce

Shooting video with a dSLR is easier said than done. While you can get some really impressive shots thanks to the quality lenses that come with these cameras, shifting the point of focus smoothly from one subject to another is not exactly a simple matter. Turning it gingerly with the tip of your fingers just won’t cut it. That’s what the Lens/Focus Shifter kit you see above is meant to fix. It’s basically a follow focus, which lets you smoothly glide the focal point from one part of the scene to the other. There’s even a quarter circle Focus Marker that allows you to pencil in with a dry-erase pen the different focus points you might need during the scene. The ball tipped handle is easy to operate and stands a good distance away from the front of the lens, to avoid accidental fingers in the shot. And it allegedly fits pretty much any type of lens.

It’s $45 on Kickstarter with expected delivery in… September of this year.

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