Lenovo Laptops To Get Disable By Text Message Feature

Lenovo Thinkpad X300 (Image courtesy ThePCWeb)
By Andrew Liszewski

Come 2009, Lenovo will be adding a new feature to their ThinkPad notebooks called ‘Lenovo Constant Secure Remote Disable’ that was co-developed with Phoenix Technologies. The new feature works with the ThinkPad’s BIOS to allow a user to disable their notebook by sending an SMS text message from their phone, in the event that it’s been stolen or lost. Once the command is sent, the ThinkPad will immediately shutdown, or will be disabled the next time it’s powered on. And if and when the notebook is retrieved, the user can simply restore their data and functionality via a private ‘resurrection code’.

Unfortunately the downside to the new feature is that it requires the laptop to have a WAN card installed with an active data plan, and it must be in range of the user’s GSM network for the shutdown signal to be received. And I have no idea if this feature will come standard on future ThinkPads, or if it will be an add-on option.

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