LEGO Technics iPhone Steadicam

LEGO Technics iPhone Steadicam (Image courtesy Babyology)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m still excited about the Smoothee Steadicam for the iPhone, Droid and Flip that Tiffen revealed at CES earlier this year. Even if they were a bit sketchy on if or when it was actually going to be available. Babyology writer Ben Gunsberger was also excited at the prospect of improving his jerky iPhone home videos, but since the Smoothee is probably not going to be priced at a consumer-friendly level, he set out to build his own.

Instead of heading to the local hardware store though, he decided to take advantage of the building materials he already had at home, namely LEGO Technic. After a few weeks of tweaking the balance and improving the iPhone mount he had a design that seemed like it would work, but it turns out there’s a reason that Tiffen doesn’t use LEGO for their Steadicams. The flexibility of the plastic and connections introduced as much wobble as there was before, and the subtle creaking and cracking of the LEGO as the camera mount swayed to and fro was easily picked up by the iPhone’s mic. You win this round Tiffen!

[ Lego iPhone steadicam – yes, really! ] VIA [ YoKiddo! ]