Lego Releases Han Solo In Carbonite Minifig

By Chris Scott Barr

Harrison Ford has done many things in his life, but he will still likely be most remembered for his role as Han Solo in the Star Wars movies. Indiana Jones would be a close second. Both roles have landed him Lego minifigs with his likeness, which is quite a feat. In fact, the company has just announced a new one, which is quite possibly the coolest yet. That’s right, Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

You’d think that by my mid-20’s I’d not get that excited about a tiny plastic toy. But seriously, it’s Han Solo in carbonite, how can one not get excited? It comes in the Slave I kit, which you can buy for $80. Or if you’re too good to buy the whole kit, you can buy the minifig by itself for $25. I think we all know what the better choice is.

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1 thought on “Lego Releases Han Solo In Carbonite Minifig”

  1. The Slave I set has been available in stores since the beginning of the summer. Also, the individual fig is not a set available from LEGO, but is rather someone buying the Slave I set, and then reselling the Han Solo in carbonite figure from it, which is why that Amazon seller has only 1 in stock. The average value of the Han Solo in carbonite figure on the resale market is about $9, so that seller is overcharging anyway.

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