LEGO Minifig Ice Lollipop Mould

Minifigure Ice Lollipop Mould (Image courtesy LEGO)
By Andrew Liszewski

Browsing through the latest LEGO catalog this morning (that’s right, I’m still a loyal subscriber after 15 years) I came across these new silicon moulds that let you make frozen treats in the shape of LEGO minifigs. While the LEGO catalog has a great shot showing what the final product looks like (making it even more enticing) I can’t find an image of it online at the moment, so use your imagination. The mould can be used to make 3 frozen minifig lollipops at a time, but I assume they could also be used as ice cubes if you didn’t use the included sticks. You can get it from the LEGO online store for just $12.99.

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